Friday, 29 April 2011

Lesson Plan on Future Tense (going to)

Form: 2 Harmoni                                                           Date: Friday, 29th April 2011
Subject: English                                                           Time: 2.55 p.m. – 3.35 p.m. (35 minutes)
Topic: Future Tense (going to)
Theme: Science and Technology
Objective: To teach students the Future Tense (going to)
Learning Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to use ’going to’ to show the future
Moral values: Self-Confidence
Educational Emphases: 1) Thinking skills
                                          2) Preparation for the real world
Instructional Aids: English Form 2 text book
Language content: Simple present tense
Previous knowledge: Students have learned simple present tense and past tense
References: Shanta, R., Kurup, U. & Lorenz, S. (2003). English Form 2.
Selangor: Ministry of Education Malaysia.

 Teaching Procedures

Teacher’s Activity
Students’ Activity

Step 1
Set Induction
(5 minutes)

  •       Teacher greets the students.
  •        Teacher asks the students this question?
  • “What are you going to do after school?”

  •  Students greet the teacher.
  •  Students answer teacher’s question.

Step 2
Development Activity 1
(10 minutes)

  • Teacher teaches the rules of using Future Tense (going to)
  • Teacher gives the examples on the whiteboard.
  • Teacher asks students to copy the rules and examples which are written on the white board in their exercise book.

  • Students listen to teacher’s explanation.
  • Students copy the rules and examples written by the teacher in their exercise book.

Development Activity 2
(15 minutes)

  • Teacher asks students to do Task 1 in page 178, text book.
  • Teacher checks the answers with the students.

  • Students do Task 1 in page 178, text book.
  • Students check the answers with the teacher.

Step 3
(5 minutes)

  • Teacher recapitulates the lesson.
  • Teacher gives homework to the students.

  • Students listen to the teacher recapitulating the lesson.
  • Students take down the homework.

Follow-up activity:
As homework you are required to complete this exercise . You may check your answer once you have completed the exercise.


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