Friday, 29 April 2011

Simple Present Tense

Superman is really good with Simple Present Tense. So should you :)

When do you use the simple present tense?

There are two types of simple present tense:

1) Present Simple
Use the present simple form of a verb when:

i) The action takes place now.
- e.g.: I want you to help me now

ii)  The action is something that happens regularly.
 - e.g.: I walk the dog everyday.

 iii) You are describing things that are generally true/facts.
  - e.g.: Train travel is expensive.

NOTE! When it is 'he', 'she' or 'it' doing the action, remember to add 's', 'es,' or change the 'y' to 'ies'.


1) I like football, we like football, he likes football.

2) I always try hard, we always try hard, she always tries hard.

3) I watch a lot of films, we watch a lot of films, he watches a lot of films.

4) I seem OK, we seem OK, it seems OK.

2) Continuous Present
Use the present continuous form of a verb when:

i) The action is not a single action, it is an action that carries on. It is good describing what people are doing at a particular moment.
- e.g.: I am kicking the ball.
- e.g.: He is walking the dog.

The present continuous is made by having am, is, or are + the verb + 'ing'.

working hard


working hard


working hard

NOTE! Sometimes you can use the present continuous to talk about the future.
e.g: I am going on holiday on Friday.

*This will be explained in the next entry.

In order to test your understanding on this topic, you are encouraged to take this quiz by clicking here.

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