Friday, 29 April 2011

Lesson Plan on Subject-Verb-Agreement

Form: 2 Harmoni                                                                Date: Friday, 29th April 2011
Subject: English                                                                  Time: 3.10 p.m. – 3.55 p.m.
Topic: Chapter 12: Subject-Verb Agreement
Theme: Science and Technology
Objective: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to use the rules of subject-verb agreement.
Moral values: Saving the earth for a greener future.
Educational Emphases:
1) Thinking Skills
2) Preparation for the real world
Instructional Aids: English text book
Language content: Simple present tense- to show facts and words related to recycling.
Previous knowledge: Students have learned the introduction of chapter 12.
References: Shanta, R., Kurup, U. & Lorenz, S. (2003). English Form 2.
Selangor: Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Teaching Procedures

Teacher’s Activity
Students’ Activity

Step 1
Set Induction
( 5 minutes)

  • Teacher greets the students.
  • Teacher asks students this question:

“She dislikes using plastic bags.”
“Do all of you agree that the sentence is correct?”

  •  Students greet the teacher.
  • Students answer teacher’s question.

Step 2
Development Activity 1
( 10 minutes)

  • Teacher teaches the rules of using subject-verb agreement.
  • Teacher gives the examples of the correct sentences.
  • Teacher asks students to copy the rules and examples which are written on the white board in their exercise book.

  •  Students listen to teacher’s explanation.
  • Students copy the rules and examples written by the teacher in their exercise book.

Development Activity 2
(15 minutes)

  • Teacher asks students to do Task 2 in page 153 English form 2 text book.
  • Teacher asks students to read aloud their answers.
  • Teacher checks the answers together with the students.

  •  Students do Task 2 in page 153 English form 2 text book.
  • Students real aloud their answers.
  • Students check the answers with the teacher.

Step 3

  • Teacher recapitulates the lesson.
  • Teacher gives homework to the students.

  • Students listen to the teacher recapitulating the lesson.
  • Students take down the homework.

Follow- up activity:

As for homework you are required to complete this worksheet. Once you have completed the worksheet you may check the answers here. Remember, be honest to yourself. Make sure you check your answers once you have completed the worksheet :)


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